Discover the Dolomites - a UNESCO heritage site

Enjoy a holiday by the Pale di San Martino mountains

On holiday in the Primiero Valley, you can discover the Dolomites and the surrounding area.

A UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE since 2009, the particular geological formation of the mountains, with dolomite rock and a series of peaks, pinnacles and tower shapes, makes them unique.

Enrosadira, the term given to the phenomenon of the peaks taking on a reddish-pink colour at dusk, is a spectacle that everyone really should see at least once in their lifetime.

The Primiero Dolomites in particular are dominated by the Pala Group, a mountain range which includes Cimon della Pala – one of its most breathtaking peaks.


“Like skiing in a painting”

That’s the feeling that many of our guests have had and the emotion they’ve recounted after coming off the ski slopes.

And it’s true that the ski area of San Martino inspires these feelings. Although smaller than other nearby skiing areas, you get the unique thrill of skiing while surrounded by the magnificent scenery, which almost seems to hold you in its grasp.

Primiero Valley

Our family hotel is in the Primiero Valley, an area surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the Dolomites. You’ll be able to get a taste here of the traditional atmosphere of the mountain villages, with their old alpine-style houses and artisanal shops.


Val Canali

A small corner of paradise, and a popular destination for excursions and trekking in Trentino. Val Canali, with its lakes and streams, is a magical place and an absolute must-see if you’re on holiday near Fiera di Primiero.

In Val Canali si trova anche il Centro Visitatori del Parco Paneveggio, oltre al doppio sentiero ad anello, lungo 3,5 km.

Val Venegia

The Val Venegia is stunning in both summer and winter. Easily accessible from Passo rolle, the Val Venegia is the starting point for a number of excursions. These range from simple routes, suitable for everyone, to more challenging climbs, such as the ascent to Passo Mulaz.

The landscape of Val Venegia is perfect for excursions with kids or for winter walks with snowshoes.


Passo Rolle

At 1,984 metres, Passo Rolle is located between the Lagorai mountain range and the northern part of the Pala Group, and dominated by the jagged summit of Cimon de la Pala. In the summer, this is the starting point for walking excursions such as the trek to the statue of the “Thinking Christ”, or mountain biking and climbing. In the winter, skiing is available for over 5 months with our ski area ski pass.

The scenery you can enjoy from Passo Rolle is so beautiful that it is commonly used as the image of Trentino!

Pale di San Martino mountains

The Pale di San Martino mountains: 240 sq km of rock that turn red at dusk There is a huge range of excursions here – simple or challenging walks; climbing routes; rock climbs; and trekking routes that last several days and take in stops at the area’s many shelters including Rosetta-Pedrotti, Velo della Madonna, Pradidali and Mulaz.

And if you don’t want to miss out on the spectacle of the second biggest glacier in the Dolomites, you’ll find the Fradusta Glacier on the plateau of the Pale di San Martino mountains. It can be easily reached using the Colverde/Rosetta cable car.


Paneveggio Nature Park

Paneveggio Nature Park extends over 190 km sq from the Lagorai mountain range to the Pale of San Martino mountains and is inhabited by common alpine species such as marmots, deer and ibex. The park is also known as the “forest of violins” due to its spruce trees’ particular type of wood.

You can get to know the Park and its flora and fauna better by visiting its visitor centres. The nearest one to our hotel is Villa Welsperg, at the edge of Val Canali, which is open from 1 June to 30 September.


Events and culture

Some of the most picturesque villages to visit in the area include Fiera di Primiero, San Martino di Castrozza and Mezzano (which was selected as one of “Italy’s most beautiful villages”).

Noteworthy events in the area include the Christmas markets, the Sounds of the Dolomites music festival in the summer, the Desmontegar festivities, the Dolomiti Marathon and the San Martino Rally.


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